Pre-Order The ERA Prometheus - Automatic (Batch 3)

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With this years worth of feedback on the original Prometheus, we've been working on anew version for quite some time that addresses all the things that people have wanted the most!

So first and foremost we wanted to keep the overall spirit and look of the Prometheus, but with quite a number of upgrades both internally and externally. 

Of course, we start with the movement -- the heart of the timepiece and the thing that determines it complexity and value. We re-designed the original movement from scratch, and our new in-house ERA-004 Calibre is really quite a masterpiece. We start with plating every single metallic piece in the movement Platinum, and removing all traces of gold. Then we re-engineered the front of the Tourbillon cage to have our customized ERA logo as the Tourbillon cage.  The ERA-004 is FULLY Automatic so there is no need to wind your timepiece manually anymore!

This is one of the most difficult engineering feats, as every single section of it must be perfectly balanced in both weight and size, or else the accuracy and power reserve of the entire movement becomes negatively impacted.

Finally, we added a custom engraved rotor on the back, befitting of the masterful movement and powering it on your wrist so you never have to wind it again. Also inside the case: the hands and the dial are now pure black, matching the overall darker scheme.

Speaking of dark scheme, we've been working on a special edition of the ERA Prometheus Automatic version that is all black. It all starts with a completely re-engineered brushed bezel this time, that is expertly treated with the highest tier of Physical Vapor Deposition: Diamond-Like Carbon layering, or DLC for short.

In short, the entire case is slowly and carefully coated with a Diamond-Like carbon that makes it pretty much impervious to scratches or scuffs. Due to Diamonds being a 10 on the Moh's scale of hardness, with 1 being the lowest, and 10 being the hardest, it offers pretty much perfect protection for your timepiece, and also turns the entire exterior into an absolutely beautiful matte black surface.

It comes with a special black on black strap to preserve the midnight color scheme, and this special DLC version is available in both standard edition and Titan edition as shown here.

Lastly, we also wanted to offer another premium coating for those that wanted a more premium finish than Stainless Steel -- so we are ALSO offering a Platinum-Plated version of the timepiece.