ERA Aegis - Guilloché Dial Simulated Tourbillon Experience

Dial Color
Royal Blue
Rose Gold
Strap Style

In 2018, we made the Million Dollar tourbillon 100's of times less expensive. 

Unfortunately for some, it is STILL too expensive.

When 78 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and when 40 percent can't cover a $400 dollar emergency...

When the Worldwide Household Yearly Income is only $10,000 - We must make More Millionaire watches -- ACCESSIBLE.

So after months of work, we finally had a breakthrough. It came NOT from hardware...but from design.

We simulated the tourbillon mechanism but kept the look and feel of a 6 figure timepiece

The result: an ERA tourbillon experience not for thousands of dollars but for only hundreds

Worn with traditional grace, the opulence of the Aegis lies in its Obsessive attention to fine detail.

Starting with the dial, it is decorated in an exquisite guilloché motif. With great precision and intricacy, master artisans hand-engrave this opulent texture. The remarkably detailed process results in an other wordly level of decoration and a watch no one else will be wearing.

Further distinguishing the dial, the markers are set upwards from the center horizontal axis. Railroad tracks trace the minutes, while diamond polished, faceted applied indices mark the hours -- doubled indexed at 12, stubbed at the 5 and 7. 

And at 6 o’clock is a subdial with its own railroad track indicating the seconds. The openly rotating gears anchor the watch while providing a rare glimpse into its beating mechanical heart. 

At the middle, the Dauphine hands are a mechanical fascination all on its own. Fluted down the center and creased with a judicious angle, these faceted time tellers provide a high contrast against the dial and are powered by a crown engraved with the ERA logo.

Turning our attention outward, an unmistakable coined edge radiates from the bezel and adds another dimension of textured refinement. And with another coined edge on the back, the high polished case is Stately layered. 

Even at the edges, the Aegis continues to show sophistication through detail. Flared lugs and small footlike steps reinforce its noble spirit, while the expert and sharp case lines exude powerful competence in any situation.

Ships in late April 2020