ERA Notus - Elegant Dress Watch With In-House Tourbillon Movement

Strap Style

For Some, perfect simplicity is the Ultimate Luxury. But Tourbillons of that style, have ALSO been VERY expensive.

So, we went back to our master watchmakers; only this time, we channelled our passions into Pure Simplicity.

The result: the world’s first accessible - and Elegantly Simple Tourbillon.

Introducing the ERA Notus

Made EXACTLY like other tourbillon watches, your Notus comes with a custom made, platinum-plated cage, bearing the ERA insignia.

Such detailing on the watch’s heart is a true mechanical marvel.

Like operating on our human heart, the tiniest of flaws would prove fatal; so this resulting design had to be a perfect balance of weight, size, and shape.

Flanking this engineering feat are subtle notes of motor sport. On the left, an odometer-like power reserve displays the amount of energy remaining.

On the right, a sun-moon marker is circumscribed inside a 24 hour GMT timer.

Outside these instruments, racing odes continue.

Open railroad tracks trace the minutes with interspersed numerals, while long diamond polished indices mark the hours from 10 to 2.

Elegant faceting is even found on the Dauphine style hands.

Fluted down the center and creased with a judicious angle, these blades announce the wearers regal presence.

Circumscribing all these details is a generously sloped, dome style bezel that meets a high polished case band.

Here, clean and masculine character lines envelope it and continue to the tips of the kingly stepped lugs.

Over on the caseback, a luxurious Côtes de Genève finish glazes the in-house movement: the ERA-006 caliber.

Like the V12 engine of a supercar, the 006 shows the value and complexity of your superwatch.