ERA Hyperion - Batch 2H Pre-Order


Completely re-designed from scratch in collaboration with our master watchmakers, our ERA-002 Calibre Tourbillon + Wandering Hour Hybrid movement comes with all the hallmarks you would expect from a WORLD FIRST.  The ERA Hyperion is truly the first timepiece to combine both these complications in one movement.

As fully automatic movement, the back rotor has been fully decorated with Côtes de Genève, better known as Geneva Waves -- a stamp and symbol of the extreme level of expertise that has gone into forging the movement.  

On the front, a completely customized ERA Tourbillon cage has been carefully constructed from scratch to be completely symmetrical in weight, as even a fraction of a gram of unbalanced weight would lead to a non-functioning Tourbillon timepiece.

It is only through searching in the dimension of infinite possibilities that such a breathtakingly daring movement could be created.

Like all six figure tourbillons, no two ERA Hyperions will be the same. In our pursuit of perfection in this vein, we decided to use the most luxurious Black Aventurine glass to capture the essence of deep space in each dial.

Each is utterly unique with flecks of cobalt, silica, and manganese: forming one-of-a-kind flares on every watchface.

It is something you truly need to see in person to appreciate.  Every angle will make millions of stars that are light-years away re-kindle their light anew

What if you wanted more? Wanted something impossible: like the rarity of a wandering hour AND...the luxury of a tourbillon. No watch has EVERhad the BESTof both these worlds. 

So facing impossibility, we turned to the one place with infinite possibility -- the Cosmos. And here among the stars, we found inspiration to create the world’s first: wandering hour tourbillon -- The ERA Hyperion.