ERA Hermes - The World's First Attainable Tourbillon Styled Luxury Pen

The ERA Hermes is the quintessential writing tool for those who like to carry their love of horology into the board room. 

Perfect for expressing your personality in a professional manner (and let's be honest -- showboating a bit too), while you're signing contracts or laws into effect, the top Tourbillon module spins in place, replicating the experience of a real Tourbillon movement.

Coated in pure Platinum, every inch that comes into contact with your hand will be a luxurious precious metal that cannot fade or tarnish.  

Platinum also has the property of being 100% hypoallergenic and safe to use even amongst those who have metal allergies.

The ERA Hermes takes standard Parker Quinkflow Ballpoint refills in both 0.5mm and 0.7mm so that your writing experience is perfect and smear-free. 

*PLEASE NOTE* - The ERA Hermes is currently shipping in late April / early May 2020, and that in some photos / video the end cap at the top of the pen is solid metal, but the final production model will be all clear glass at the top.